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Close-up of thermal IR emitters from Micro-Hybrid in different versions

Thermal IR emitters at a glance

Wide portfolio for all industrial applications

Measurement and monitoring - pulsed thermal IR emitters for NDIR gas detection with low power consumption, high emissivity and long lifetime

We offer various NAC or C-MOSI® MEMS-based IR emitters with true blackbody radiation properties.


Our IR sources are basically divided into three different radiation powers and two different chip sizes. The emitters are distinguished according to their chips in JSIR 340-, 350- and 360-. They come as standard with an active area of 2.2 x 2.2, 1.0x1.0 or 0.65 x 0.65 mm².


All infrared emitters are optimized for the mid-infrared wavelength range (MIR) between 2 and 15 µm. Depending on the application, emitters can be selected according to various parameters such as


  • package
  • chip type
  • active area
  • backfilling with different gases


and many more. Customers can easily find an emitter to meet their individual requirements. They may select from a ready-to-ship standard portfolio. It is also possible to customize products from the standard range or to get products developed and produced as OEM-version according to their individual needs.


Our IR sources are available in different packaging options: TO39, TO46 or SMD package.

The HermeSEAL® technology for emitters from the JSIR350 and JSIR360 series enables a hermetic seal to use our emitters in harsh operating conditions like heat, high humidity, vacuum or environments with corrosive gases.


We develop and produce all technologies and MEMS emitter chips in our own fabs worldwide.

Multi chip module all in one service

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