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Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH is one of the world market leaders in the development and production of sophisticated customer-specific electronic solutions.

We have been developing and producing innovative microelectronics and infrared sensors for over 25 years. Our customers benefit from unsurpassed solutions for control tasks in difficult environmental conditions. Our portfolio ranges from ceramic substrates and housings for miniaturized electronic modules for sensor control to infrared components and sensors for temperature measurement and gas analysis as well as inertial measurements in railway and rail applications.

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A strong team - Micro-Hybrid Executive Board from left to right: Steffen Biermann (Head of Research and Development), Dr. Knuth Baumgärtel (Managing Director), Martina König-Glasenapp (Head of Finance and Controlling), Stefan Dietl (Director of Sales and Marketing)

Facts & Figures

MICRO-HYBRID is one of the worldwide technology leaders in the field of electronic microsystems. With above-average development expenditures, a high degree of know-how and a broad network of cooperations, we create components and sensors with the highest precision. Through the further development of technologies and materials as well as technical innovations, we achieve individual solutions with significant added value for our customers. Our extensive application experience in a wide range of industries enables us to offer a unique range of technologies to solve your development tasks. This is why technology companies worldwide choose us as their partner for solving their measuring tasks. Micro-Hybrid is a company of the Micro-Epsilon Group.



  • Thuringia (Germany)
    • Hermsdorf
    • Ilmenau
    • Münchenbernsdorf
  • Qingdao (China)
  • Tucson (USA)


in Germany


Production sites
in Germany

1 Mio.
IR Components
sold since 2010

m² production area

13 Mio. €

since 2016


Years of Electronic













Foundation of Micro-Hybrid

Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH was founded in 1992 by Werner Baumgärtel (shareholder, managing director until 2006) and the Micro-Epsilon Group.

Landing of the US space probe „Pathfinder" with the participation of Micro-Hybrid developed electronic components

Development and production of the first IR components: Thermopile detectors

Start LTCC technology: development and production of LTCC multilayer ceramic circuits

First customized NDIR CO2 sensor for harsh environments

Micro-Hybrid acquires 100 % shares of Micro-Sensor GmbH, expansion of the portfolio: Inertial sensors

HermeSEAL® technology: hermetically sealed emitters for use in harsh environments

53 % Participation Nova IR MEMS fab

MEMS Chips, manufactured in Tucson, Arizona for high performance IR emitters of Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH


Completion of the investment project: Building conversion and modernisation of the production area to achieve highest quality standards. A 4,5 million investment

Numerous guests came to celebrate with us the opening of the converted and extended buildings at 10.03.2016. We would like to thank all participants for their visit.

25 years Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH

Participation CMOS IR; IR emitter and thermopile detector fab

Starting NDIR gas sensor product lines MicroFLOW and MicroSENS

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