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Employees in the production room 1992 Operation of machines

Foundation of Micro-Hybrid

Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH was founded in 1992 by Werner Baumgärtel (shareholder, managing director until 2006) and the Micro-Epsilon Group.

NASA Mars Rover Pathfinder

Landing of the US space probe „Pathfinder" with the participation of Micro-Hybrid developed electronic components

IR Component: Thermopile Detectors 1997

Development and production of the first IR components: Thermopile detectors

LTCC Multilayer Ceramics Electronic Microsystems Multilayer Ceramic Circuitry

Start LTCC technology: development and production of LTCC multilayer ceramic circuits

Our first NDIR CO2 Sensor 2013

First customized NDIR CO2 sensor for harsh environments

Rotation rate sensor Inertial sensor

Micro-Hybrid acquires 100 % shares of Micro-Sensor GmbH, expansion of the portfolio: Inertial sensors

hermetically sealed IR emitter for harsh environments

HermeSEAL® technology: hermetically sealed emitters for use in harsh environments

MEMS chip from Nova-IR for infrared emitters

53 % Participation Nova IR MEMS fab

MEMS Chips, manufactured in Tucson, Arizona for high performance IR emitters of Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH


Group photo of ceremonial opening after conversion/modernisation measures

Completion of the investment project: Building conversion and modernisation of the production area to achieve highest quality standards. A 4,5 million investment

Numerous guests came to celebrate with us the opening of the converted and extended buildings at 10.03.2016. We would like to thank all participants for their visit.

Front view Building at Hermsdorf site Flags Micro-Hybrid Micro-Epsilon Living Microworlds

25 years Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH

Participation CMOS IR; IR emitter and thermopile detector fab

NDIR gas sensors MicroFLOW and MicroSENS

Starting NDIR gas sensor product lines MicroFLOW and MicroSENS

Ceremonial opening of Ilmenau plant III - LTCC competence center of Micro-Hybrid

Opening of LTCC Competence Center in Ilmenau

Online shop as a new sales model

Launch of the new Online shop as a new sales opportunity

Establishment of Micro-Hybrid China: The new branch office directly on site in Qingdao for prompt and personal service in Asia.

Strategic investment in the development of the production site in Münchenbernsdorf Thuringia into the Competence Center Gas Sensors

CO2 Sensor

New sensor variants of MicroSENS gas sensors enable additional applications of CO2 analysis in incubators

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