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Triathlete Robin Schneider crosses finish line

Sports powered
by Micro-Hybrid

We have a sporting spirit. With sponsoring partnerships, we support regional sports clubs and athletes who, just like us, really want to go far. Athletics, karate, football or table tennis - together we achieve our goals and are proud of every success.

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Robin Schneider


Triathlete Robin Schneider sea and rocks in the background

With a fantastic 2nd place in the overall standings, Thuringia's top athlete Robin Schneider secured himself the ticket for the world's toughest triathlon at the IRONMAN in Santa Rosa. Together with Micro-Hybrid Robin now trained for the IRON MAN Hawaii. And there he definitely wants to be on the podium in his age group this year.

Luke Ortmann

SV Hermsdorf / athletics

Luke Ortmann and coach SV Hermsdorf Athletics

The Hermsdorf sports club and Micro-Hybrid have one important thing in common: our location. This is where we have our roots - just like Luke Ortmann. The 14-year-old young athlete inspires his coaches with stamina and determination. We support him as well as the promotion of young talent in the club.

SV Hermsdorf


Football team SV Hermsdorf with Knuth Baumgärtel Managing Director Micro-Hybrid

Playing socer is a tradition in Hermsdorf. We support the soccer club and promote young talents in one of the most emotional sports in the region.