Acceleration sensor

Acceleration sensors

Analog acceleration sensors for measuring vibration and oscillation on the bogies of trains and rail vehicles.

Derailment protection by vibration analysis with electronics according to railway safety standards EN50155.

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AccTRANS Vibration and Acceleration Sensors product overview

AccTRANS Sensors for Measurement of Acceleration and Vibration

AccTRANS is a uniaxial acceleration sensor. Based on MEMS technology (microelectromechanical system) it detects dynamic accelerations. A micromechanical spring-mass system continuously measures the acceleration and converts the measured value into a standard analog current output of 4-20 mA. Vibration sensor according to DIN EN 50155 and ready for operation with the power supply directly from the traction unit. The sensor is designed for applications outside the vehicle or directly on the bogie. The extremely robust housing and the special cable withstand harsh environmental conditions such as rockfall, dust or weather and guarantee high reliability over the entire service life.


  • Measuring range ±4 g*
  • Sensitivity 2.0 mA/g*
  • Frequency range 0.5-15 Hz*
  • Protection class IP68
  • Temperature range -40 to +70 °C
    *Housing material stainless steel
AccTRANS Accelerometer to measure vibration

Derailment protection - Application of analog acceleration sensors

The central task of the AccTANS rail sensor is to anticipate and prevent train derailments caused by critical accelerations. The sensor was developed to measure accelerations caused by the sinusoidal pendulum motion between the track gauge of the axles and the track gauge of the track. The vibration sensor is installed in the outside area of the vehicle directly on the bogie and is therefore sufficiently strongly coupled with its mechanical components. In this way, the impacts of the pendulum movement of the wheel flange on the rail can be measured as acceleration.


  • Measurement of acceleration transverse to the direction of travel
  • Mounted directly on the bogie for a sufficiently strong connection with the mechanical components of the train
  • Signal when defined acceleration values are exceeded for initiating precautionary braking of the train or temporary throttling of the travel speed
Acceleration sensors for protection against train derailment
Acceleration sensor AccTRANS provides reliable raw data to protect against train derailments

Wear-based change processes - predictive maintenance

The wheelsets on bogies are subjected to enormous loads every time they turn. Bearings are particularly stressed on high-speed trains and frequent turns and are particularly susceptible to malfunctions or even failures. Wear detection in conjunction with bearing friction, therefore, plays a major role in all moving components such as wheelsets and bogies. The analog acceleration sensor AccTRANS offers the possibility to measure the vibration behavior directly at the affected bearings and to provide a signal for later evaluation. By early detection of conspicuous patterns, major damage can be counteracted in good time by appropriate maintenance work.

Acceleration sensors on the bogie of the train

Sensor solution for predictive maintenance

  • Reliable measured values as a database for evaluation systems and railway automation
  • Cost savings through optimization of maintenance intervals
  • Increased efficiency in the planning of maintenance, reliability and availability of the train fleet

Micro-Sensor - Inertial sensors for railway and rail vehicles

Micro-Sensor GmbH, a subsidiary of Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH, is part of the Micro-Epsilon Group. As a competence center for inertial sensor technology, the company develops sensors for measuring acceleration, inclination and rotation rates for railway applications and industry.

Micro-Sensor inertial sensors for railway applications are exclusively available from Micro-Hybrid.